Mobile decontamination centers

Mobile decontamination centers

Equipment for decontamination activities

Centers of decontamination, sanitary, chemical, bacteriological and radiation treatment of personnel and special equipment (PuSO)

On the basis of the modules produced by our company promptly-erected mobile integrated centers of special processing and sanitization (KP SSO) are developed.

obez5.jpgKP SSO complexes are designed for effective disinfection of various surfaces of machinery, equipment, decontamination of people and objects in peace- and wartime.

The composition of a rapidly erected mobile center of decontamination of people and special equipment is determined by the scale of the activities undertaken, the type and the degree of the damage.

obez9.jpgThus, using promptly-erected modules as a part of disinfection and sanitation activities, it is possible to put up a rapidly erected bath for several people to wash, as well as disinfection and sanitary complexes with a complete autonomous supply on the basis of a chassis for disinfection, decontamination, cleansing and direct sanitary activities on the scale of companies and battalions.  

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