Bulk-type fortifications

Bulk-type fortifications

The Research and Production Association «The Center of Professional Equipment» offers you a new product: a bulk-type field fortification «REDUT». This fortification is a promptly-erected collapsible construction in the form of a container made of cloth (or artificial) materials reinforced with a welded galvanized (or a polymer powder-coated) metal grid.

foto1.jpgThe bulk-type field fortification «REDUT» is intended for:

- rapid installation of temporary promptly-erected fortifications in areas of emergency situations of natural and technogenic character – to protect against floods, to build dams, artificial barriers preventing from spread of water or fire (including forest fires);

foto3.jpg- strengthening banks of roads and railways, river and sea coast protection, landscape works, stabilization of soil erosion and soil conservation;

foto5.jpg- erection of temporary field shelters (fortifications) used both in peace- and wartime (construction of a perimeter of field camps, organization of access control points, checkpoints, observation towers, etc.), including anti-terrorist activities.

foto7.jpg1. Unpack a container

2. Install on the spot

3. Assemble elements of the fortification

4. Fill the construction with soil

5. Assemble a multi-deck construction (if necessary)