Pneumo hangars

Pneumo hangars

The Research and Production Association «The Center of Professional Equipment» produces pneumo-frame hangars and pavilions. The awning hangars with an awning of PVC. securely protect against weather conditions and make it possible

  • to store goods and products;
  • to shelter equipment;
  • to make repairs.

Hangars of PVC do not require endorsement. We can manufacture hangars of different sizes according to the Customer’s request.

Overall dimensions

(Length x Width x Height, m)

1 variant – 10.0* x 7.4 x 5.3;

2 variant – 12.0* x 9.0 x 5.1

Time of installation from the marching state, min
20 – 40 (depending on the number of pumping units)

* To provide convenient mounting and transportation the pneumo-hangar is divided into separate sections. It is possible, if necessary, to increase the area in length with the help of additional central sections.

The hangar maintains its protective functions under the following characteristics of climatic factors:

- external air temperature: from -50° C up to + 50° C;

- wind speed: up to 30 m/s (dust-free) or up to 25 m/s (dust saturation up to 5g/m3);

- atmospheric pressure corresponding to the height above sea level 0 – 4,000 m;

- relative air humidity up to 99% at the temperature +25° C;

- snow load up to 25 kg/m2.


image004.jpgThe hangar represents a pneumo-frame (air holding) construction of an arched type.

It is manufactured of reinforced air holding polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material with a surface density not less than 850 g/m2.

On two front sides, the hangar has two lifting gates for vehicular traffic.

It consists of several attachable sections to provide convenient transportation.

Storage conditions. It does not require any special storage conditions or processing and sprinkling with talc, is neutral to atmospheric precipitation as well as UV-rays, and maintainable in the field conditions.

The package of a pneumo-frame module includes:

  • a rigging kit (posts and struts) used to enhance wind-loading resistance;
  • an SPTA set;
  • an electric pump 220 V (6 items*), capacity 1,000 l/min.

A simultaneous inflating of the sections of the hangar with the help of 6 pumps makes it possible to install the construction within 15 – 20 minutes.

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