The experts of our organization will develop any tent, module or other structure according to your technical project.

Field hospitals

Field hospitals

To provide urgent medical care in peace- and wartime, in emergency situations and during natural disasters, different projects of field hospitals on the basis of the modules produced by our company have been developed and successfully implemented. They include operation blocks, outpatient departments, laboratories and public utility units. In 2004 – 2005 according to the task of All-Russia Center of Emergency Medicine «Zaschita» (Protection) under the supervision of the head doctor of the Center V. E. Shabanov, a multidisciplinary hospital of 50 beds with full engineering maintenance was developed on the basis of pneumo-frame modules by the specialists of our company on a turn-key basis.

noginsk-1.jpg . The conception of the hospital is to provide its functioning in a completely independent environment. All the departments of the hospital are set up in pneumo modules. Separate modules are connected by connection modules, thus forming a hygienically autonomous network. A standard hospital capacity is 50, 80 and 100 beds. Other variants of accommodation and capacity are optional.

The hospital complex includes:

- ward modules on the basis of the tent MPK-36 6 items with 8 beds in one module;

- a reception and sorting module on the basis of the tent MPK-72 for reception, temporary accommodation and registration of victims, first aid, sorting, working with documents, etc.;

- a diagnostic module on the basis of the tent MPK-36;

- a preoperative sterilization module on the basis of the tent MPK-36;

- an operating module on the basis of the tent MPK-72 designed for 2 simultaneous surgeries under general anesthesia;

- a resuscitation module (an intensive care module) on the basis of the tent MPK-72 for resuscitation, observation and treatment of patients who have undergone a surgery under general anesthesia;

- a bandaging module on the basis of the tent MPK-72;

-a dwelling module for the staff on the basis of the tent MPK-36;

-a canteen on the basis of the tent MPK-36;

- an administrative module on the basis of the tent MPK-36;

- a connection module for connecting the premises, which provides a high asepsis during the work and minimizes the risk of septic complications;

- a kitchen tent on the basis of the tent MPK-36;

- a maintenance tent on the basis of the tent MPK-36;

- a generator unit on the basis of the tent MPK-36;

- sets of electric lighting (lamps, sockets, switchboards, cable);

- liquid-fuel heaters with removal of exhaust gas;

- a generator;

- medical equipment necessary for the hospital.

A mobile field hospital is a complex, flexible and reliable system of medical support for the population. It can be rapidly installed and used in places where there is no clinical and diagnostic aid.

The time that is needed to fully install the hospital (depending on the pump and the type of the pneumo-frame module) varies from 40 to 60 minutes.

Basic projects executed within the given boundaries:

gos3.jpgSupply with multifunctional field hospitals on the basis of pneumo-frame modules of All-Russia Center of Emergency Medicine ZASCHITA

Supply with mobile complexes for urgent medical care in emergency situations on the basis of pneumo-frame modules of territorial Centers of Emergency Medicine of Krasnodarsky Kray and Omskaya Oblast.

Project work, design and supply with complexes of pneumo-frame systems to provide laboratory basis and accommodation infrastructure, to organize and fulfill first

anti-epidemic measures in case of detection of a patient (a corps) with suspected infectious diseases causing emergency situations in the area of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population for the Ministry of Consumer Market: RosNIPChI (Russian Scientific Research Antiplague Institute) Mikrob, the Antiplague Center, Rostov NIPChI, Irkutsk NIPChI and Stavropol NIPChI.

Supply with multifunctional field hospitals of the Medical Administration of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia.

Design and delivery of the tents for motor car dressing rooms based on the chassis of the truck KamAZ for GVMU (General Military Medical Administration) of Russia.

Design and delivery of the modules of pneumo-frame and disinfection chambers of high pressure for disinfection and washing complexes DDK-01-Venzel based on the chassis of the truck KamAZ for the needs of GVMU MO RF.

Within the boundaries of medical units, the Research and Production Association The Center of Professional Equipment has

made numerous supplies with medical purpose tents, pneumo-frame equipment (modules) for disinfection activities, modular laboratories, operating rooms, bandaging modules (including motor car dressing rooms) and many other projects.

Being a direct manufacturer of pneumo-frame and frame tent insulated mobile modules, our organization has the ability to professionally and efficiently solve problems related to equipment with rapidly erected medical modules of different medical units and structures.

A field hospital on the basis of pneumo-frame modules

image0011.jpgA detailed composition of the hospital and accompanying infrastructure are developed regarding their purpose directly according to the Customer's technical project. The explication of premises of the hospital depends on the purpose, the composition and the size of the hospital. A specific supply of the hospital with equipment is provided according to the specification approved by the Customer.

A mobile field hospital on the basis of pneumo-frame modules is functional under the following characteristics of climatic factors:

- external air temperature: from -50° C up to + 60 C;


- wind speed: up to 25 m/s (dust-free) or up to 20 m/s (dust saturation up to 5g/m3);

- atmospheric pressure corresponding to the height above sea level 0 4,000 m;

- relative air humidity up to 98% at the temperature +25 C;

- rainfall up to 5 mm/min;

- snow load up to 25 kg/m2.

The time of installation from the marching state is 40 60 min (depending on the pumping unit and the type of a pneumo-frame module).

Variants of finishing the interior of the hospital modules:

Bonded insulation duplicated with medical oilcloth. The interior coat of the module in this variant is processable.

Upon the Customer’s request, the module can be equipped with removable partitions and the interior design can be made according to the Customers plan.

Isothermal foiled multilayer insulation (with the use of extensional fabric and PVC materials) with additional removable extra cases of bleached coarse calico. The interior coarse calico extra case consists of 3 parts to provide convenience of processing (washing) in case of contamination.