Dwelling mobile complexes

Dwelling mobile complexes

One of the developments of our Center is dwelling modular complexes based on any models of the modules and the tents, both frame and pneumo-frame, produced by us. Such mobile complexes are necessary to quick installation during execution of tasks set by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Federal Security Service, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation.

karkas_komplex_05.jpgInflatable modular complex can be used in areas of emergency (emergency).

A modular pneumo-frame complex can be used in emergency areas.
The modules are interconnected forming a single complex depending on the purpose. It may be a command, medical or disinfecting and washing post, a field equipment service station, a dwelling or educational complex.

karkas_komplex_MCHS_01.jpg The connection between any modules is provided both by connection modules and directly in a butt joint.

The modules can also be used independently, separately from the complex.

p_k_poslerad_obr1.jpg The operating and the development of these structures are based on research works, new technologies and application of modern materials providing comfort and security of autonomous stay in extreme conditions.
The use of PVC materials provides fire safety of the complexes.
The mobile systems can be delivered to the site of installation by different means of transport, including the delivery from transport planes on cargo parachute platforms.