Frame tents

Frame tents

Modular frame insulated tents produced by the Research and Production Association «The Center of Professional Equipment»

Modern materials, which due to their manufacturability make it possible to reduce the price of the product in comparison with the pyramidal and framed ones produced earlier as well as with the pneumo-frame analogs, are used for the production of the tents.

The exterior awning is manufactured from fiber reinforced awning PVC material made in Belgium, Germany, Korea and Finland, which

  • does not support combustion;
  • is neutral to weathering;
  • is maintainable in the field conditions;
  • does not require any special storage conditions

The awning itself does not have any stitched seams – all the seams are completely welded with heat sealing or «hot edge» sealing.

The frame of the tent is made of a metal (steel or aluminum) tube. The metal frame is protected with a high-quality wear-resistant polymer coat that protects it from corrosion.

The package of the tent includes cord struts and metal posts.

In the variant of execution with a vestibule, the vestibule is made inside, which provides its functioning not only as a heat filter, but also as a multifunctional interior insulated accommodation.

The construction of the tent is resistible to the wind load up to 25 – 30 m/sec and the snow load up to 20 kg/m2.

All the modules provide the opportunity to use internal or external heat pumping units.

It is possible to install modules of any complexity as well as complex tent camps with all field engineering upon the Customer’s request.

ES-20 frame tent gable ES-20 frame tent gable
Stable, high, comfortable tent with high side walls is ideal for a comfortable stay in it, even a few people with a lot of field furniture
ES-25 frame tent gable ES-25 frame tent gable
Universal tent to create on its basis a command post for the control of small units.
ES-35 frame tent gable ES-35 frame tent gable
Universal tent to create on its basis a command post for the control of small units.
ES-43 frame tent gable ES-43 frame tent gable
If you need to place a few dozen people in the fields, but the budget does not allow to pay more for a small number of tents for 4-6 people and at the same time taking care of the comfort of accommodation, you do not want to put a huge tent, turning them into barracks - a tent ES-43 with its dimensions - ideal for single-stage and two-tier placement in the field with regard to comfort / price.
ES-55 frame tent gable ES-55 frame tent gable
Overall dimensions of the tent ES-55 - the ideal "average" version of the standard army accommodation. In today's field camp these tents have replaced the previously existing "USB-56", will create a more comfortable living, replacing the "old" tent series "USB"
ES-55-U frame tent gable ES-55-U frame tent gable
Extended by one section of the tent on the base ES-55
ES-60 frame tent hipped ES-60 frame tent hipped
Tent frame ChS-60 can accommodate up to 40 people in two tiers, providing sufficient room air through a 4-Pitched design.
ES-72 frame tent hipped ES-72 frame tent hipped
This tent has successfully replaced the previously adopted for service tent old M-30 sample. Thanks to the improvement of the frame (use a square shaped tube) structure is more stable, with increased stiffness.
ES-95 frame tent hipped ES-95 frame tent hipped
Frame tent ES-95 has become a favorite among customers in the organization of such premises as a mess hall, a spacious mess ...
Geologist-10 frame tent gable Geologist-10 frame tent gable
Small, compact stable tent for 4 people in the field. Tent series "Geologist" was designed and developed to geologorazvedyvatelnyh companies to provide comfortable accommodation conditions during expeditions.
Geologist-14 frame tent gable Geologist-14 frame tent gable
On the basis of this tent to accommodate field conditions created different versions of sanitary facilities Facilities: toilets, wash basins and even "field bathhouse."