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About Us

The Research and Production Association «The Center of Professional Equipment» is a rapidly developing production company with a high intellectual, technical and material potential. The company was founded in 2002. Since that time, the organization has established itself as a market leader of the Russian Federation in the design and production of insulated mobile awning structures. It confidently occupies the 1st place in the industry in terms of output volume.

Quality management system of the Research and Production Association The Center of Professional Equipment is certified for compliance with ISO 9001-2008.

The professional and corporate achievements of the company:

volokush.jpgDevelopment and introduction into production of multi-purpose frame and pneumo-frame modules of the new generation;

Participation in the development and production of multi-layer isothermal heater on the basis of duplicate packets of thermal insulation materials, and its application in execution of all-weather Arctic tents;

karkas_komplex_05.jpgIn accordance with the task of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation, carrying out R&D of A mobile dwelling complex, and on the base of the latter, development and production of field camps and centers of temporary accommodation of the population equipped with a full complex of life-support systems;

Equipping of the polar stations "SP-32" and "SP-33" with an expedition of a team of specialists to the station "SP-32";

gos1.jpgDevelopment and production of a mobile hospital of the new generation on the basis of a pneumo-frame module according to a technical project of All-Russia Center of Emergency Medicine Zaschita (Protection) of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Participation in regional, interregional and international economic cooperation:

Delivery of products to Customers in all regions of Russia, export to Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, the Ukraine, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai); cooperation with international humanitarian missions UNICEF (UNO), Doctors Without Borders; participation in the International Expedition Program DROMLAN in Antarctica; providing tents to the International Antarctic Camp White Desert (the U.K., South Africa, Russia, the U.S., Canada, Norway) and the International Tourist Camp at the North Pole in cooperation with Arctic and Antarctic Scientific Research Center Polus (Pole) and the Association of Russian Polar Explorers; participation in All-Russian Production Consortium ProektTekhnika which unites leading manufacturers of equipment for field accommodation of units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Among our regular Customers we have the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Center of Emergency Medicine of the Ministry of Health of the Russian, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Consumer Market, Arctic and Antarctic Scientific Research Institute, Rosgidromet, Doctors Without Borders , UNICEF, World Vision, archeological expeditions of the State Hermitage, as well as many other state structures, organizations and individuals.

noginsk-1.jpgModular pneumo-frame and metal-frame insulated tents produced by our company can be used in any natural and climatic conditions, are convenient to install and to uninstall, do not require special storage conditions, are maintainable in the field conditions, are prepared for transportation by any means of transport, including airlift delivery.

The materials used for production of exterior awnings and interior coats have successfully passed the tests in the 3rd Central Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, and meet all modern requirements. They are:

- resistant to aggressive environment;

- protected from the exposure to biological substances;

- characterized with the absence of technical smells.

All seams of anexterior awning of PVC cloth are welded with heat sealing or hot wedge sealing. It provides the absence of stitched seams that will positively affect the operation, making the outdoor awning and the floors of the tents absolutely waterproof. The interior insulating coat is made of duplicate packets of thermal insulation materials. It ensures reliable operation and minimizes heat loss. All tents are equipped with a natural ventilation system which reduces condensation between the coats down to the minimum due to air circulation. It provides a comfortable stay inside the module. The windows of the tents are equipped with mosquito nets, anti-flood valves and a drain. The floor has a high board to prevent the tent from being flooded and to protect it from insects and reptiles. Besides, the floor is equipped with packed floor insulation for operation at extremely low temperatures. An inside or outside insulated vestibule provides not only a heat filter, but also an isolated accommodation for security guards, tools, equipment, weapons and other objects not involved in everyday life outside the dwelling area. The color of the awningof PVC cloth may vary according to the Customer’s request.

All products which the Research and Production Association The Center of Professional Equipment makes of PVC materials

- are resistant to weathering;

- do not support combustion;

- do not require special storage conditions;

- are maintainable in the field conditions;

- can be installed in different combinations;

- are characterized with the absence of technical smells;

- can be transported in parts or in whole.

The interior insulated awning

- has the isothermal effect;

- is resistant to weathering;

- is protected against bacterial substances.

The modules can be connected with other pneumo-frame and frame modules both with the help of connection modules and directly. Besides, all the modules provide the opportunity to use internal or external heat pumping units, so exterior and interior awnings have matching anti-flood and anti blow-out valves, closable from inside and outside.

obez3.jpgOn the basis of the modules produced by our company rapidly erected mobile integrated centers of special processing and sanitization (KP SSO) are developed. KP SSO complexes are designed for effective disinfection of various surfaces of machinery, equipment, decontamination of people and objects in peace- and wartime. The composition of a rapidly erected mobile center of decontamination of people and special equipment is determined by the scale of the activities undertaken, the type and the degree of the damage. Thus, using rapidly erected modules as a part of disinfection and sanitation activities makes it is possible to put up a rapidly erected bath for several people to wash, as well as disinfection and sanitary complexes with a complete autonomous supply on the basis of a chassis for disinfection, decontamination, cleansing and direct sanitary activities on the scale of companies and battalions.

We always say: Thank you for choosing our company! We are always ready for the new, because it develops us and enables to offer you something even more perfect than ever before.

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General Director of the Research and Production Association The Center of Professional Equipment
A. A. Ignatenko